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July 06 2011

March 13 2010

Doing It Wrong at SXSW

Tal and I are giving a talk about technology in hacker spaces at sxsw called "Doing It Wrong." Here's the deets:

Like ninjas battling on stage, Bre Pettis and Tal Chalzin will volley projects demonstrations back and forth. From guitar player robots to machines that vomit plastic skulls, the presentation will include a mix of projects they've worked on and that have been worked on at the GarageGeeks, NYCResistor and beyond. This presentation will both thrill and repulse you with the possibilities that have recently emerged in the diy hacker technology space.

It's been great to go through the NYCR blog and mine all the wonderful projects that have come through NYCResistor. Good times.

I'll also be talking at Dorkbot tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to that too!

Tags: NYCResistor

February 08 2010

June 25 2009

April 21 2009

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Skynet Research - OVER
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April 08 2009

March 24 2009

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Something weird with skynet reseasch security camera footage
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February 27 2009

February 12 2009

December 18 2008

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Things - Invader in Vienna

December 17 2008

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Things - Make a Button with Steve of Motmot

December 16 2008

December 15 2008

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Make Your Own Sympathy Doll

December 14 2008

December 12 2008

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Robot Battle! Cherrytron2000 VS Popsicle Arm

December 03 2008

The Shot Glass Printing RepRap/Repstrap Lives! Part 3
Learn more! tr.im/reprap

December 02 2008

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Things - Zach Smith Lazzzored a Peristaltic Pump

December 01 2008

Vienna Arrival
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Things - Adam Mayer Makes Geared Business Cards
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