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So this happened last year and I needed a place to link to the image. Here we go! A few comments.

If you are ever on the cover of a magazine, don't horse around on set, have someone on set who can make sure your hair doesn't look stupid, and breathe a lot.

The team at WIRED was awesome to work with. The article came out really well. www.wired.com/design/2012/09/how-makerbots-replicator2-wi...

We compressed our design/manufacturing cycle from 10 months to 5-6 months to get this ready for the cover. You'll notice a few details if you're obsessive like the MakerBot on the build plate isn't painted and we changed the font and added the name to the front plate. The diamond printed upside down, but looked better like this. I'm wearing a MakerBot made wristwatch.

There was another shot they didn't use where I have my arms folded over the bot that looks like the old Mac ad.
Get rid of the ads (sfw)

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